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5L Multi-Purpose Sprayer



5L Multi-Purpose Sprayer

The new Scotts 5L Multi-Purpose sprayer is perfect for most household needs, including both indoor and outdoor applications. Our exclusive All-In-One Nozzle makes switching spray patterns a breeze. Simply twist the nozzle to select one of 3 spray pattern settings – “Stream” for natural spot treating weeds, “Cone” for watering or fertilizing plants, and “Fan” to quickly and easily cover large areas like decks, siding, and concrete walkways. No more pieces and parts to switch out and keep track of. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this Scotts sprayer is built to last, easy to use, and our most versatile sprayer.

  • Exclusive all-in-1 nozzle with 3 spray pattern settings – stream, fan, cone
  • Versatile design – ideal for natural weed control, feeding and watering plants, cleaning siding and outdoor furniture, and sealing decks or concrete walkways
  • Premium seals for long-lasting leak-free performance
  • EZ pump system pressurizes sprayer with 25% fewer strokes
  • 5L sprayer


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